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I like big books and I cannot lie






I use to work at starbucks and that is deadass the truth lol….if i didnt like you your ass wasnt getting sugar free syrup you were getting the real thing…enjoy those extra lbs bitch.

Wtf that comment. I would be terrified to go out to eat if I was diabetic, jfc


Okay the pictures are funny, whatever, but in all seriousness, if you ever give someone that asks for sugar-free syrup the real thing, you are an asshole. Straight up. My mother is a diabetic, and you would make her incredibly sick. Does making someone sick because you feel all butt hurt make you feel better? Seriously…prick…

I’ve worked in food services for years and there are certain things you don’t do no matter how horrible they are.

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my kings ~ richard by sarah dunn [x] & viggo at TIFF 2014

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Those last three!! 😍 I will always reblog. I want this.

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